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2019 -Position 123

By Chris Bray, Jul 8 2019 02:33PM


Money Play. How should Red play 21?

For once coming to the edge of the prime with bar/22 is a 1.5 blunder. It allows White to attack while waiting for a couple of sixes to free her rear checkers.

Correct is bar/23, 24/23, giving White nothing to attack and hoping that his fours an fives begin to play awkwardly. Rules of thumb are all very well but you have to know when to ignore them and this is one such case.

Once you study the position bar/23, 24/23 becomes obvious but if you play on automatic you will miss it.

Jul 9 2019 07:05AM by Peder

B/23, 24/23. Red has fair chances in a battle of primes.

Jul 9 2019 07:47AM by Leo

The temptation is to move bar/22 so as to have a direct route over white's prime, but this is highly dangerous given the amount of ammunition white has to attack. Perhaps a better approach is to lock up the anchor b/23,24/23 and hope that white is forced to break his 5 prime first. The timing is on red's side.

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