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2019 -Position 121

By Chris Bray, Jul 4 2019 02:37PM


Money Play. How should Red play 65?

All the plays are quite close here. I played 24/13 but that turns out to be the third best play but bot an error.

13/8, 13/7 very narrowly beats 20/9 which leaves the rear checker stranded. 13/8, 13/7 gives meaningful duplication of 3’s and leaves the rear checkers connected. This marginally outweighs the benefits of nearly escaping a rear checker, leaving only 5’s to hit.

The key is to ensure that you at least saw all three moves as viable candidate plays – you can’t make a move if you don’t consider it.

Jul 4 2019 05:52PM by Peder

My choice is 20/9. It removes pressure on the 20-point, plays with only two blots, gives some duplication of fives and forces White to give up her anchor if she hits. It is also consistent with the way I was taught to play 65 when split. There are some funny plays based on duplication. 20/15, 13/5 is clearly duplication for iduplications sake, but 13/7, 13/8 has some merit,; where hit with a three? Still, I like my choice better.

Jul 4 2019 05:56PM by Peder

It should read: ...20/15,13/7 is clearly duplication for duplications sake...

Jul 4 2019 07:46PM by Leo

20/9 - White has to break his anchor to hit, quite a big concession.

Jul 4 2019 09:59PM by Mackenzie

I agree that 20/9 must be correct. I don't want to sit idly in front of White's stack and, as mentioned, White will have to break their anchor to hit. If not hit, Red may be able to extend their broken prime.

Jul 5 2019 02:08AM by Ben

I'm happy to escape/safety my checker with 24/13. This evens the race & now I'm playing with only one checker back. If I get hit loose I still may hit back & will then be playing 1 checker back to 3 checkers back.

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