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2019 - Position 124

By Chris Bray, Jul 9 2019 04:25PM


Match Play. Red leads 2-1 to 5. Should Red double. If doubled, should White take?

This position occurred in a London League match earlier this year. Red doubled, White took and went on to win the game.

For money this a perfectly correct double and a very clear take. A quarter of Red’s wins are gammons.

At this match score it is a very different story. White won’t need much excuse to redouble to 4 and put the match on the line. Once the cube is on 4 gammons become irrelevant for both players. Even with the cube on 2 Red will have overage if he wins a gammon.

The end result is that this is a nontuple (nine times) blunder. Red gives up 0.720 equity points by doubling. That is one of the biggest errors I have seen in live play this or any other year.

Jul 10 2019 06:36AM by Leo

ND/T. I don't think it's a good idea to hand over cube control with this score.

Jul 10 2019 06:45AM by Peder

ND/T. I'm rather optimistic about White's chances. You have to be, if you like backgames.

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