• 2018 - Position 68


    Money Play. How should Red play 33?

    I found this position very instructive.

    White is playing a 1-2 back game and one of the weaknesses of such games is that that the opponent only bears in slowly because his 5s and 6s often cannot be played. Meanwhile the player of the back game sees his home board crunch.

    Here, White’s timing is questionable and so Red should seek to eliminate his 5s and 6s. He also doesn't want to make his 5-pt, why make a point that is difficult to clear?

    All of this leads to the correct play of 9/6(4). Any other play is at least an error. (A point cleared is a point not to be feared!). This gives Red plenty of 2s and 3’s to play. 4s may become a problem but you can’t have everything.

    I got this wrong over the board but hopefully this analysis will help me get similar problems correct in future.


    • 1. Apr 12 2018 8:17PM by Michael

      Many people don't trust the bots on backgames.

      So whatever the bot's verdict take it with a pinch of salt imo.

      I would play 9/6(2) 7/4 6/3.

      the reason is because i want to have power everywhere to make either the 5 point or some other point if white makes his 20pt

    • 2. Apr 13 2018 12:26AM by Ben

      7/4(3); 9/6. This clears a key point & safetys the fourth checker.

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