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  • 2017 - Position 191


    Money Play. How should Red play 64?



  • 2017 - Position 190


    Money Play. How should Red play 32?

    The bots have taught us that the time to break anchors is when your opponent is on the bar. 18/16, 18/15 is very clear here. This keeps maximum builders for the 3-pt, releases the back checkers, duplicates threes and maintains connectivity. 18/13 is much weaker as the blots are much harder to tidy up.

    A move like 8/5, 7/5 is a double blunder. Red must make a run for it now.



  • 2017 - Position 189


    Money Play. How should Red play 54?

    The answer to this is a combination of duplication and Robertie’s theory of connectivity.

    It might seem that bar/20, 9/5 is the safer play but then the last two checkers are far from home with no pressure on the White checker on Red’s 9-pt.

    The correct move is bar/20, 15/11. This duplicates 1’s and 3’s and keeps all the outfield checkers connected. This will generate more return shots in the case of a hit – except of course if White rolls 11 or 33.

    Interestingly bar/20, 9/5 is a bad error but not quite a blunder.



  • 2017 - Position 188


    Money Play. Should Red double? If doubled, should White take?

    This one is right on the cusp. Clearly Red must double as he has plenty of threats. It would be a double blunder not to double.

    White can squeeze a take because the race is equal and he has as strong a home board as Red. Theory is great but I can see a lot of boxes dropping this double in a chouette as multiple doubled gammons loom on the horizon!



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